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The drought Cape Town is currently experiencing is the worst in over 100 years, and as a result Level 6b water restrictions were implemented on the 1st February. With the very real possibility of Day Zero looming, it has become even more important than ever to save as much water as possible!

Saving water is everyone’s responsibility. It’s up to both individuals AND businesses to implement waterwise solutions. The 50 litres per person per day restriction means no more than 50 litres be used in a 24 hour period, and since most of us spend most of our day in the office, we need to be sure we are as waterwise there as we are at home.

How Initial can help Your Business Save Water

If you are left wondering what exactly your business can do in light of the water crisis, Initial has a range of bathroom hygiene services that can help your business save water in a cost effective manner.

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Small airborne water droplets are produced when toilets are flushed, which may contain harmful faecal bacteria. As they rise up into the bathroom, the water evaporates from the droplet leaving the bacteria to float around the bathroom.

Bacteria thus spreads to even the most unsuspecting areas of your bathroom, such as the walls, doors and various other surfaces; surfaces with which your bathroom visitors come into contact, leading to cross contamination with other areas of the office as they carry those bacteria with them out of the bathroom.

Deep Cleaning and Anti-bacterial Fogging treatment

Initial’s Deep Cleaning Service does not use high pressure water spraying, nor do we hose down when we deep clean (which can use 50 - 75L of water in 5 minutes!). This allows for controlled volumes of water to be used when mixing preparations. Specifically, the diluting and activation of our preparations is done on our Initial premises (using a dosing pump) and not at our clients.

This advanced treatment requires minimal water due to the use of bio enzyme preparations. Bio enzyme preparation require minimal rinsing after a deep cleaning treatment versus traditional caustic and disinfectant based bathroom and toilet cleaners.

Our Antibacterial fogging services is an very effective waterwise service that uses virtually no water to disinfect large bathroom spaces. This service is offered to all Deep Cleaning clients free of charge on every service during the Cape Water crisis.

Hand Sanitisers

Hand washing with the tap open uses 6L of water in 1 min - which amounts to a wastage of 660 liters of drinking water by one person in 11 months!

Initial can offer you waterless hand sanitiser spray instead of soap to ensure that you continue to prevent cross contamination without the use of water.

Available options are:

  • Alcohol hand sanitizer gel & spray
  • Alcohol-free hand sanitizer foam
  • Various types of hand sanitizer wipes (alcohol and alcohol-free options)

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Eco Cap and Eco Spray Urinal Solutions

eco cap.jpgEco Cap contains odour and bacteria neutralizing bio enzymes. 

Installing Eco Cap in urinals means they only need to be flushed twice a day: morning and afternoon. This could save up to 3000%* on urinal water usage.


Our Eco Spray is used for the daily cleaning of urinals; it supports the bio-block in Eco Cap and only requires a wipe down after application. Using  Eco Spray eliminates the excessive use of water needed to rinse the urinals when traditional cleaners like Handy Andy and Domestos are used.
*based on a building with 20 male users

Toilet Paper Disposal Bin

Prolong intervals between flushing by disposing of urine soaked toilet paper in a compact toilet paper disposal bin. Initial will dispose of the paper hygienically and in line with government waste regulations.

Need help reminding your staff to save water? Download these handy posters about the importance of water saving.

Download your water saving posters

No Flush Spray


  • To prolong intervals between flushing, simply spray No Flush into the toilet bowl after urinating.
  • Odour is neutralised by bio-enzymes and water is coloured blue
  • Lemongrass scent disguises the smell of urine, whilst bio-enzymes neutralise uric acid, and blue dye colours the water
  • Extends the period between flushes*

*Can save up to 4000l of water


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Looking for ways to remind your co-workers to save water? Download our water saving posters and stick them up at the office.

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