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 Hygiene Angels: Keeping Girls in School initiative

Did you know that according to a recent UNESCO report, one in ten girls in Sub-Saharan Africa misses school during their period because they do not have access to feminine hygiene products such as sanitary pads?

For SA, that could equate to around 900 000 girls missing up to 20% of a given school year. This - without doubt - causes them to miss out on economic opportunities in later life.  

According to Wash United, one additional year in school can increase a woman’s lifetime earnings by 10 - 20%.  Promoting good menstrual hygiene management is therefore critical to keeping girls in school, and thus enabling them to reach their full economic and social potential.

At Initial we are committed to tackling the plight faced by many young girls in South Africa - that of lack of access to sanitary pads - through our Hygiene Angels: Keeping Girls in School initiative. Sanitary pads donated to participating schools by Initial hygiene in partnership with Intengiso, together with free of charge Feminine Hygiene disposal units and hand sanitisers, will ensure that underprivileged schoolgirls across South Africa enjoy personal comfort today and a clean safe environment in future.

Initial Hygiene is passionate about providing a holistic menstrual hygiene system. We care about our communities and our clients, and are committed to preserving our environment through the safe disposal of sanitary waste, which is why the initiative also includes educational talks at participating schools to raise awareness around good menstrual hygiene management in its entirety.


Mandela Day 2018:

This year on the 18th of July, Rentokil Initial colleagues across the country visited schools in their communities to donate sanitary pads and deliver a menstrual hygiene talk to learners.

Sponsored schools

Bardale Primary - Cape Town
Capricorn Primary - Cape Town
Kleinberg Primary - Cape Town
Actonville Training Centre - Johannesburg
Ekurhuleni Primary School - Johannesburg
Thembisa West Secondary School - Johannesburg
Westerlig Primary - Pretoria
Lotus Gardens Secondary School Pretoria
Ziphozonke High School - KwaZulu-Natal
Siphesihle High School - KwaZulu-Natal
Olympia special needs school - George
East London Secondary School - East London
Portia Shabangu senior School - Nelspruit
Westernburg High School - Polokwane
Rosenhof School (Special Needs) - Bloemfontein

Ongoing Hygiene Angels initiative:

For the next 12 months, Initial and partners will be donating sanitary pads regularly, as well as free FHU services and hand sanitiser, to participating schools.

Thank you to our partners in the Hygiene Angels Project:
We'd like to thank our partners in this project, without whom we would not have been able to support nearly as many schools.

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Feminine Hygiene from Initial

Our feminine hygiene service provides female users with a safe, discreet and hygienic solution to disposing of sanitary waste.

Built in silver-ions mean that Initial’s Signature sanitary bins units have integral antibacterial technology, and are the most hygienic and environmentally friendly solution to disposing of sanitary waste without the risk of cross contamination.

Initial’s PLUS service delivers 5 layers of protection, and has been expertly endorsed. Dr David A. Baldwin, a local expert in waste disposal management and related legislation conducted a critical review on all aspects of Initial's PLUS service in 2015, and endorsed it as follows:

"En-Chem Consultants can readily endorse the Plus by Initial Service as providing a higher level of protection than would be afforded by a service offering only a single barrier of protection."

Wondering how you can get Initial sanitary bins in your workplace? Read our blog post: That awkward question: How to ask your male boss for Feminine Hygiene units

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Feminine Hygiene for School Girls

Do your girls miss school because they don't have or don't know how to use feminine hygiene products?

Every girl has the right to feel comfortable at school, and it's a fact: girls get periods!

That's why, as part of our Hygiene Angels initiative, we've created these downloadable posters for you to stick up in school bathrooms to help young girls understand how to use feminine hygiene products correctly to remain healthy, clean, and safe.

Download these "school bathroom" posters for your office to help girls understand how to properly use feminine hygiene products and remain healthy. 

 Initial offers professional feminine hygiene solutions which include:
● Signature sanitary bins
● Reflection hygiene sanitary bins
● Sanitary waste disposal
● Sanitact sanitary bins

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