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Are you disposing of
your waste safely?

Download our Waste Disposal Posters and help maintain a safe and healthy environment for everyone in your organisation. 
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Need help getting people to wash their hands?

Ever experienced that awkward moment where a colleague doesn't wash their hands? These Loo Law posters will help you encourage people to do the hygienic thing.

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Keep your Feminine Hygiene Units clean! 

Download our Feminine Hygiene Unit posters to help ensure users in your office do not put the wrong items in your Feminine Hygiene Units (FHU).

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Are you changing nappies hygienically?

Help your staff or family members change nappies correctly to remain healthy, clean, and safe with this nappy changing poster.

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Need help keeping staff hygienic in the office?

These office hygiene posters will remind staff to stick to healthy hygiene principals and keep everybody from passing on germs inadvertently.

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Are you using the right hand washing technique?

Good hand hygiene can minimise the risk of cross contamination and keep everyone healthy. These posters will ensure everyone is using good hand hygiene practices.

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Need help reminding people to save water?

The water crisis is never over and it's important to always save water. Use these posters to help remind people about the importance of saving water.

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Help the girls in your school stay hygienic 

It's a fact: girls get periods! Use these posters to help young girls understand how to use feminine hygiene products correctly to remain healthy, clean, and safe.

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Keep your classroom safe from germs

Use this school hygiene kit to help teach kids how vital hand washing is and help raise awareness about the importance of hygiene in your school. 

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Want to keep your classroom informed?

Download our school hand hygiene printables which include colouring-in worksheets and posters explaining how to wash your hands correctly.

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Ensure COVID-19 hygiene advice is being followed.

With this collection of posters you can ensure that those on your premises are kept informed on the key hygiene practices to remain safe in the new COVID-19 normal.

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Hygiene Safety at Home posters for remote workers.

Working remotely has its benefits but it also has its challenges, especially if your job includes managing a remote team. Share these posters with your team.

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Guides, Reports and Whitepapers

The Ultimate Hand Hygiene Guide

Poor hand hygiene remains one of the biggest causes of the spread of illness, which is why a hand hygiene strategy is vital in every business - download your guide.

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Get the Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Hygiene

This collection of our insightful hygiene content will help you gain insights into how to best maintain your bathrooms as well as some insights into bathroom etiquette.

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The Ultimate Retail Experience eBook

Download this ebook to find out how scent marketing will help enhance your brand by improving the mood in your store.

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Do you know the impact food safety has on your business?

As experts in the field of hygiene, we believe that food safety is a top priority for related industries. Get help maintaining your food safety standards with our Food Safety Guide.

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Did you know that air hygiene is important in the fight against COVID-19?

Air hygiene is a crucial factor in protecting people within indoor environments and should be included in the measures taken to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Download our whitepaper to find out more.

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Is your business complying with the regulations for sanitary waste disposal?

 Ensure that your organisation meets the legal requirements for the disposal of sanitary waste by learning what constitutes sanitary waste and how you should dispose of it, in this comprehensive guide on the subject.

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Do you want to sell
more cars? 

Download this ebook to find out how scent marketing will help car dealers sell cars by improving the mood in your showroom.

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Global Hygiene Reset Report 

Find out what businesses can do to support rising expectations and protect their people following transformed attitudes to cleanliness.

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Other resources

Ever wonder how clean your keyboard really is?

Laptops and computer keyboards are definitely an office hygiene hotspot that flies under the radar. Use this downloadable test to see how clean your keyboard really is

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How clean is your technology?

Everyday we transfer bacteria from one surface to another. Download this infographic and checklist as a reminder to keep your devices clean and hygienic.


Does your office need a deep clean? 

As experts, we firmly believe that a thorough deep clean is the bedrock upon which a truly a hygienic bathroom is based. This checklist will help you decide if you need one.

Download Checklist

Is your office geared up for COVID-19 safety?

Keeping the risk of COVID-19 from spreading is still important. Ensure that your premises is hygienic before you open for business again with this checklist. 

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Do you know your Office Hygiene Hotspots? 

Use our hotspot map to discover the hygiene hotspots in your office and the products and services we have that can assist in keeping your office hygienic. 

Discover Hotspots

VIRUSKILLER™ Product Brochure 

Prevent the spread of disease in your business. Learn more about how the Rentokil-Initial VIRUSKILLER™ protects you from airborne diseases 

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