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Want to up your hand hygiene game?

Absenteeism costs the South African economy R12 - R16 billion per year. Use this guide to help you build a good hand hygiene strategy.

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Do you know your Office Hygiene Hotspots? 

Use our hotspot map to discover the hygiene hotspots in your office and the products and services we have that can assist in keeping your office hygienic. 

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Keep your Feminine Hygiene Units clean! 

Download our Feminine Hygiene Unit posters to help ensure users in your office do not put the wrong items in your Feminine Hygiene Units (FHU).

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Get the Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Hygiene

This collection of our insightful hygiene content will help you gain insights into how to best maintain your bathrooms as well as some insights into bathroom etiquette.

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Are you using the right hand washing technique?

Good hand hygiene can minimise the risk of cross contamination and keep everyone healthy. These posters will ensure everyone is using good hand hygiene practices.

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Need help getting people to wash their hands?

Ever experienced that awkward situation where a colleague doesn't wash their hands or flush the toilet. These posters will help you encourage people to do the hygienic thing.

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Help the girls in your school stay hygienic 

It's a fact: girls get periods! Use these posters to help young girls understand how to use feminine hygiene products correctly to remain healthy, clean, and safe. 

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Keep your classroom safe from germs

Use this school hygiene kit to help teach kids how vital hand washing is and help raise awareness about the importance of hygiene in your school. 

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Want to keep your classroom informed?

Download our school hand hygiene printables which include colouring-in worksheets and posters explaining how to wash your hands correctly.

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Need help reminding people to save water?

The water crisis is never over and it's important to always save water. Use these posters to help remind people about the importance of saving water.

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Ever wonder how clean your keyboard really is?

Laptops and computer keyboards are definitely an office hygiene hotspot that flies under the radar. Use this downloadable test to see how clean your keyboard really is.

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