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 How hygienic is your office bathroom?

Your daily cleaners tend to your bathroom, but did you know that cleaning surfaces isn’t the same as sanitising them?   

Initial offers an intensive deep-cleaning treatment that targets scale buildup in hard to reach areas such as recess fittings and u-bends, and which sanitises areas that daily cleaners just can’t reach.

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The Sneeze effect - and why you should care

The “sneeze effect” is a term coined by Dr Charles Gerba after he carried out a study on the spread of bacteria when a toilet is flushed. The flushing action mimics the explosive action of sneezing!

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Small airborne water droplets are produced when toilets are flushed, which may contain harmful faecal bacteria. As they rise up into the bathroom, the water evaporates from the droplet leaving the bacteria to float around the bathroom.

Bacteria thus spreads to even the most unsuspecting areas of your bathroom, such as the walls, doors and various other surfaces; surfaces with which your bathroom visitors come into contact, leading to cross contamination with other areas of the office as they carry those bacteria with them out of the bathroom.


How our Deep Cleaning Service and Antibacterial Fogging Treatment benefits your office bathroom

The Ultimate Deep Cleaning Solution

  • Our advanced deep cleaning removes scale build-up from hard to reach places that daily cleaners can't reach: ie bottle traps / flushing rims
  • We use highly effective, safe, patented and biodegradable bio-enzyme preparations which are 100% environmentally friendly
  • These preparations have a residual efficacy; continuing to work through the system for up to 2 weeks
  • Our solution combats the sneeze effect and cross contamination, thus reducing employee absenteeism

Providing an extra layer of protection against cross contamination

  • Our experts at Initial use an ultra low volume fogger to generate tiny droplets of specialist disinfectant that cover every surface in your washroom
  • Antibacterial fogging provides peace of mind that even the hardest to reach places - where disease-causing bacteria can multiply out of reach of your daily cleaner - have been disinfected
  • Antibacterial fogging is fast, efficient and extremely water-wise

Interested in trying out this service for your business?

We are offering a free trial of this service so you can experience the benefits of our deep cleaning and antibacterial fogging treatment for your business, first hand! 

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